Ko-Nelayan Encourages African Catfish Rearing

KOTA KINABALU, Sept 13 (Bernama) -- Peter Lampik , from Kampung Minyak, Kudat, about 190 kilometres from here, never expects that he would be involved in the rearing of African catfish.

It happened by accident when a friend, who decided to give up his fish rearing activity, gave him five African catfish.

Peter gave the fish to his wife to cook, but the later decided that it would be better for them to rear and breed the fish, and without giving it a second thought, the government retiree did as suggested by the wife.

He built a pond for the fish and also attended a course on catfish rearing organised by the Sabah Fisheries Development and Fishermen Cooperative (Ko-Nelayan).

"I have attended a three module course on catfish rearing and I am now highly spirited to venture into the fish rearing industry," said Peter, 60, adding that he had also bought about 1,000 catfish fry from Ko-Nelayan to be reared in his pond.

FISH-As for Rawbay Alexius,47, from the Kunak district, freshwater fish rearing was not new to him as he had reared freshwater fish , like patin, before venturing into African catfish rearing,

He said he was prompted to venture into African catfish rearing by a Ko-Nelayan officer, who also suggested that he attended a course to get the necessary knowledge to make it a success.

Ko-Nelayan deputy general manager Yusof Ag Besar said the cooperative encouraged African catfish rearing because of the low risk involved.

The African catfish is easy to rear, it is less prone to diseases, does not need a large area and has market, he said.

Besides organising various courses on aquaculture, he said the cooperative also provided loans for members to start or expand their businesses.