By Ali Imran Mohd Noordin

KUALA BERANG (Bernama) -- At first glance, they look like fried fish balls but the minute you sink your teeth into a piece, you know it is something else.

By Abdul Aziz Harun

KUCHING, Sept 13 (Bernama) -- On paper, the 2,000-kilometre long Pan Borneo Highway stretches from Telok Melano at the southwestern tip of Sarawak to Serudong in Sabah across Brunei. Now in its third year of implementation, the mega project is being viewed as a potential game changer that can catalyse the economic growth in the areas where the road traverses.

Quite unlike Peninsular Malaysia's 772km-long PLUS highway where motorists have to pay a toll of more than RM100 to travel from Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah, to Johor Bahru, the Pan Borneo Highway is going to be toll-free.

By Ainul Huda Mohamed Saaid KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 17 (Bernama) -- Nur 'Atieqah Mohd Zainudin is one enterprising young lady.

By Ainul Huda Mohamed Saaid

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- It is usual for retiree Sharon Tan to go out with her group of friends every now and then for a meal and some shopping.

By Ali Imran Mohd Noordin

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Several weeks ago, Malaysians were appalled when an amateur video surfaced showing how rice could be kneaded into rubber balls that bounce when thrown on the floor. The video lent credence to widespread rumours that the rice available in the market have been mixed with plastic rice.

By Larissa Hilary Rajit Lumandan

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- "Do you know that this is urgent? Do you even know what I want? Or you're just plain stupid to understand anything? You can't even do a simple customer service job!" These are the nasty lines that Zati Farhana Zulkarnain has come across many times as a customer service representative.

By Ali Imran Mohd Noordin

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- With Ramadan into its final week, traders are going the extra mile to woo customers who are wrapping up their Raya shopping before joining the 'balik kampung' exodus.

For the traders, Ramadan provides an avenue to earn or enhance their income hence those permanent and seasonal traders throughout the city or even in Jalan Masjid India have drawn their own plans to win over the customers.

They too have learnt of the customers' spending patterns and have come up with sales strategies based on how the customers are spending.