By Norshazlina Nor'azman

KUALA LUMPUR, (Bernama) -- Looking at the present hectic lifestyle, online shopping is increasingly the favourite choice for many.

By Wan Asmanizan Wan Ahmad Najib and Zaharin Mat Noor

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Getting your intellectual property patented is a positive step towards securing your trademark, but how can you leverage on your IP Rights (IPR) to your company's advantage?

By Norshazlina Nor'azman

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- 'Consumer power' has been the catchphrase of late for Malaysians as the cost of living goes up but do the consumers in the country really know and understand of the power at their disposal?

By Nur Aimidiyana Zuher

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 7 (Bernama) -- The government has to hold more dialogues or forums with the masses to explain on the current issues especially the ones relating to the rise in the cost of living, said a political analyst.

By Soon Li Wei

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 6 (Bernama) -- The Chinese New Year celebration is considered incomplete if a house or business premise is not decorated with lanterns or flowering plum trees to add to the merriment and bring luck to the owners.

By Rosemarie Khoo Mohd Sani

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- As at November 2013, 244,517 Malaysians have received counseling from the Credit Counseling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) and of the figure, 40.7 per cent or 99,347 people had to enlist in debt management programmes.

By Erda Khursyiah Basir

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- Malaysians will be entering 2014 with the good news that the government will review the decision to rationalise subsidy so that it can truly ease the burden of the target group.