'Red Porcelain' Makes Its Appearance

By Hazlinda Hamzah

PETALING JAYA, Feb 5 (Bernama) -- The colour red has always been associated with many different emotions and characteristics.

It has often been used to connote courage, as well as moments of embarrassment or anger, when one turns red.

"Red is my favourite colour.

I like wearing red.

I want that red dress with the little strawberries," a little girl was heard telling her mother at a shopping complex here recently.

Products in many shades of red are available in the market and carry glamorous names such as sexy red, chilly red, cherry red and blood red, among others.

Many feel red is the colour of passion, energy and action.

Different shades of red are used by the cosmetics and fashion industries worldwide for their products, especially for women from all walks of life.


Recently, Maybelline New York promoted their latest red shade 'Red Porcelain' to Malaysians, after it hit China's market almost a year ago.

It is a new range by Maybelline's Color Sensational that offers lipsticks in a variety of shades for sensational and healthy lips.

Lipsticks by Color Sensational are said to be the brand's shiniest and creamiest, enriched with nourishing honey nectar and a milky lotion that give their wearer a creamy feel when they glide the coloured sticks onto their lips.

Red Porcelain is made from ingredients such as emollient waxes, which melt upon contact to protect a woman's lips against dryness.

"Lips will feel so soft and luxuriously rich, as the lipstick has a source of antioxidants and minerals.

It also has vitamin E, which further protects to prevent moisture loss.

"When applied, the colour Red Porcelain is more sensual than ever, leaving behind a crisp effect that lasts," explained Christina Low Yoon Fatt, L'oreal Malaysia marketing director.


Red is undeniably a favourite colour and lipstick shade among many celebrities worldwide. Red Porcelain is believed to look stunning on every skin tone.

Low, who appeared at the launch of this sensational colour that was used to create various moods of make-up, said Red Porcelain is suitable for all skin types and colours among the women of Malaysia.

"We have the Oriental, Flirty, Timeless Beauty and Glamorous makeovers with Red Porcelain to colour the lips of women stunningly, complementing all these make-up looks to evoke the intended moods," Low said.

Red is indeed an intense colour, which creates complementary mixed effects, with a soft and luxurious look blending nicely with a bold and stunning look.

Red Porcelain reminds one of traditional lacquered red baskets, which have an intense-red shine that lasts for long.


Staying true to its role of a trend leader, Maybelline New York took this opportunity to collaborate with two young Malaysian designers, Justin Yap and Nurita Harith, through the Malaysian Official Designers' Association or MODA.

This will enable lovers of the colour red to get dressed and made up from top to toe in bright and rich red, especially for the coming Chinese New Year.

Yap and Nurita will use their unique talents to create two designs each, encouraging Malaysians to paint the town a sensational red.

"What better timing, with the Chinese festival coming up; indeed, the auspicious colour red will be highlighted further and well received.

"Not only will the Lunar New Year see Red Porcelain grow popular among Malaysian women, now that it is launched, this stylish and classic colour will also be the colour to dwell on for Valentine's Day," Low said.

Both Yap and Nurita admitted that they had not used much red in their designers' colour palettes prior to this.

"It sure is one challenging project, having my designs contain bright hues of red, which command and bring elegance, as well as glamour, to the person who wears them. I am assigned to design along two themes: Oriental and Flirty," the Kuala Lumpur-born Yap said.

His design 'The Oriental Trail' uses cheongsam details, playing with traditional motifs and giving them contemporary touches.


Nurita, a graduate of Surrey Institute of Art, London in Fashion Design, was assigned the design of two other themes -- Timeless Beauty and Glamorous -- which will be enhanced by the make-up accompanying them.

"I have never used the colour red, but I see it as a fun colour to work on with. Red is certainly a bold and confident colour.

"Thus, my first piece will be 'The Little Red Dress,' a contemporary design with a unique pleated neckline and beautiful flair skirt. I see it as a fun dress to be in and perfect for a night out in town," Nurita said, all bright eyed.

Her next piece will be named 'Red Fabulous' and will boast a glamorous touch and feel.

"This dress, when worn, will definitely make a lasting impression. It is designed to stun. I use a sheer bodice, accentuated with red details and a skirt that flows in mermaid style.

"It is that elegant look in red, complimented by the rich Red Porcelain shade for the lips, well suited for a glamorous effect," Nurita, who adores feminine and luxurious designs, explained.

Red may not be everybody's favourite colour, but it certainly adds life to everything around it, especially when used in the decor.

As in the Chinese culture and many others, red brings happiness and new hope. May Red Porcelain find its place in the hearts of Malaysian women.